I started an independent business called “Yaniv Sasson Software Engineering” (yes, yes, original :)) in 2013 to build sites using the WordPress system. The goal of the business is to bring under one roof comprehensive treatment in building a website and / or maintaining an existing site. There are several topics related to websites such as: organic promotion, sponsored promotion, article writing, translation of existing articles, banner design, logo design for the company, social advertising and more … All these topics and more can be answered for them here. WordPress, the WordPress system is the most requested content management system in the field of web programming. The sites are reparse sites built using empty theme templates where I develop a unique site for the client, or using existing themes based on the client’s request. These templates contain plugins to allow customers additional adjustments as needed. Website design Every site needs original design for it, so I provide my client with original and advanced design for each site separately. Website design is a process in which the site becomes a site with an image that contains all the characteristics of the business. With designed pages, advanced galleries, and new presentations. Unique design is important to differentiate the business from the business and professional design gives an important impression that converts to create new customers. Organic promotion / sponsoredGoogle is the search engine that 95% of the population of Israel use it. So, if your site is in a search engine? This can lead to new customers. So how do websites actually be listed and search results? One of the options is to pay Google for advertising an ad that says “sponsored promotion”. The ad will appear next to Google search results. The second option is to write articles and promote them in Google’s search results, which is actually “organic promotion.” In the sponsored promotion, I act as an intermediary between the client and Google, create keyword research and manage the campaign. The social networking site is the most popular place in Israel where people spend their free time surfing the Internet, whether it’s via a desktop computer, a laptop, or a smart phone. As with Google, the social networks also allow advertising in two ways. In a way that will cost you money and then your ad will appear as long as you have money to publish or the second way to create articles, pictures, video and publish in your personal profile to you or in different groups. My summary is “transparency, transparency, transparency”. In a world of crooks and frauds I will give you fair prices for the size of work required. So if you want to be satisfied customers no disappointed customers will contact me.